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Currently we have two KAL/CAL's you can participate in (see the details below).  We will be working on a three month project from February through April of 2023, Scrappy Shawls.  We also have the Temperature Project which will last for the whole year.  

Scrappy Shawls

KAL/CAL February-April, 2023

It has been awhile since we have done a Knit-A-Long/Crochet-A-Long project that wasn't a yearlong project.  Are you ready for a three month KAL/CAL after our long break?

We have all kept busy during the pandemic with lots of projects. We even managed to donate a respectable amount of items to charity even though we weren't meeting in person!  And you know what you get when you make lots of projects--other than warm (and lots of thanks for some wonderful gifts!)--you get LEFTOVERS!  This KAL will be all about clearing out your stash, by making SCRAPPY shawls!

As usual, we will have a lively discussion going iin our Ravelry group (linked below).  There are links to (and photos of!) a few textural shawls that are all free patterns.  These look like the would be fun in a variety of colors and even a variety of yarn weights.  This is your chance to really mix it up and see what happens.  If you add a row of a chunkier yarn, be sure to follow that row up with a row made with a thinner yarn.  If you use a really fine yarn like lace weight, you could up a needle or hook size (or even 2 sizes) to keep the same gauge.

To see the pattern suggestions or join in the conversation, go to the KAL/CAL Feb.-Apr. 2023 discussion thread in our Slipt Stitchers Ravelry Group.  The direct link to the discussion thread is


Temperature Project

A Fun yearlong project for 2023

For our yearlong Knit-A-Long/Crochet-A-Long project for 2023 we're going to make a temperature project.

Temperature blankets or scarves are probably the most common temperature projects but people have come up with different ways to track and record almost anything you can think of and in many different ways!

If you choose to make a scarf there are many different ways to make your temperature project.  You could choose a different stitch pattern for different weather events or just trach the temperatures and stick with a few different colors to record the temperature.  You could knit your scarf in the round or double knit it so it will be easier to deal with all those ends for the multiple color changes by just knotting them to the inside.  Or do a self fringed edge on the long side of the scarf. Some people have added beads or scattered pearls to designate snow days (probably not something we will need for our California scarves, but if you happen to be knitting it for someone in a different location, it is something to consider).  One designer suggested making a table runner so you would have shorter rows for each day--and table runners don't need to be any particular length and since the ends can hang over the edges of the table, you can make it as long as it needs to be.

You will need to come up with a way to check the weather/temperature each day.  You may also need a way to record the temperature. You will need this if, instead of knitting or crocheting one row (or square or whatever) each day, you decide to wait until you have several days worth of temperatures.  Then you could just go to your list of temperatures and work several rows at a time.  As noted above, there are many ways to make this project.

You can find more ideas about what project to make and how, as well as many pattern links at the Temperature KAL/CAL discussion thread in our Slipt Stitchers Ravelry Group.  The direct link to the discussion thread is  This is also the place to share your ideas, your yarns and your progress!

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