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The Napkin Sweater

A Fun KAL for 2022

This is a very versatile sweater that can be made in any yarn, knit at any gauge and for any size. The pattern is available here.  This pattern came about because a member of the guild brought a sweater (that she had purchased ready-made) to a knitting event that President Sarah W. was at.  Sarah proceeded to map out how to recreate the sweater.  The only available paper to write on was a napkin and thus The Napkin Sweater was born!  The pattern is really more of a recipe for how to make the sweater once you have the measurements that you want to make it to fit and your gauge for your chosen yarn and needles.  The pattern includes information for four sizes from an ornament to a size Large.  But it also includes instructions to make the sweater for your size and gauge!  So get out your yarn and needles and cast on you gauge swatch so you can get started on your sweater.

If you have questions or need help or just need encouragement, jump on the Zoom social knitting time.  Wednesday night from 6pm-10pm and Friday (Happy Hour!-- 5pm-?) are particularly good times to find lots of people on-line but the Zoom is open every weekday evening from 6pm-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm.

Many of us discovered we had too many WIPs (or not enough time!) in 2021 so we are continuing to work on our WIP's as well even though the official challenge is over.


WIP Challenge for 2021

When President Sarah W. moved last year(2020), she discovered several boxes of WIPs (Works in Progress)--this is probably not a surprise to most of us.  Many of us probably have a few hiding in our stash!  So the WIP Challenge is to encourage you to finish as many WIPs in 2021 as possible.  So pull out all those projects that you started but failed to finish and let's get them done!

Wednesday night on Zoom from 6pm-10pm will become WIP club night.  Join in, bring a WIP and get help and encouragement from others to finish your WIP (or maybe even to frog it!)

We have a Ravelry discussion thread on our Slip Stitchers group where you can report your finished WIP's, including posting a picture.  Click here for the discussion thread to record your WIP's

If you enjoy our quarterly Knit- and Crochet-A-longs you can still make our:

 2020 Yearlong Blanket Make-A-Long

If (like many of us) you didn't successfully make a square each month in 2020 you can still find the patterns to make your blanket in either knit or crochet.

President Sarah provided us with a design for a square for each month in 2020 to make a blanket.  You can find Sarah's squares here or design your own!

Interested in a Knit-A-Long of Crochet-A-Long:  Here's some that members have found that might be of interest.  These are not official ESSS KALs or CALs, they are listed here in case any members are looking for a KAL or CAL


Sarah W found Crochet Along/Read Along that started on September 23rd,2020 


The designer is from the Netherlands and the book is “All The Light We Cannot See”, with the Author discussing it. For more information, click here and click here to see a photo of the blanket Phyllis made for the Crochet Along.

While there are kits available from Sheepjes, your local yarn store could also help you put together a "kit" and could probably use your support right now!

If you are interested in Tunisian Crochet, click here for a CAL using Tunisian Crochet (there's also Tunisian CAL's from 2020 and 2021 linked on the same page if you would like to ease into the 2022 blanket with a little warm-up)

There is a thread on our Ravelry group (click here) with links to some other KAL's.  Some of them may already be over but often the patterns are still available.  You don't get the advantage of having a group to talk about the KAL with but you could plan a KAL with a group of friends

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