ESSS Charity Report November 2019

Since our last report we have donated 135 items to 7 different charities. Their includes, 19 scarves, 5 hats including chemo hats, 2 afghans, 78 baby hats, 1 baby sweater, 7 baby blankets, 14 animal blankets, and 9 cute little bears for the mother bear project.

This gives us a year to date total of 1910 items.



A note from Leslye of "Handmade Especially for You:

Good news first.  We just cleared our storage of hats/caps/beanies.  We shipped 654 to 18 shelters that requested them for back to school events at the shelters.

BUT, we didn’t have enough.  We were 200 short for the requests that arrived last week, and more requests came in today.  One shelter wants 7 dozen in Sept.

You know what that means.  Keep your needles clicking.  When I remind us that we never have enough—comfort scarves for abused women or hats for their kids—I mean it!

 Thanks for all you do to help.

New Opportunity: . Check out this website for information on making a hat to stomp out bullying. Basically knit a blue hat, attach the special “hatnothate” tag and mail to the address on the website. 

Our Charity Reps

Most of our members send their donations directly to the charity of their choice. However, we collect for a few charities at our monthly meetings. Each of these charities has their very own member representative (see below for a chart of who collects for which charities) who kindly delivers our beautiful creations to the charity concerned whether I am here or not.  A special thank you to these hardworking members. We really appreciate all they do to make sure our donations arrive safely. See table below for list of reps and the charity they are delivering to. 

Thank you to you the members for donating such high quality items – well made, nicely finished, laundered if needed and just ready to use. A credit to the guild.  We now have tags with the guild logo that you can use to tag the items you make for donation.  Feel free to add a few handwritten words of inspiration and first name of the maker.   I have the tags available on request, see me at the meeting                     

Click here for a list of the charities we support. If you have been contributing to a charity that is not listed, let us know so we can add it.  Even if you feel your charity or your contribution is small and insignificant it may be an inspiration to others. “Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”

12 inch squares

There are still some ongoing opportunities to donate your 12 inch squares. The latest one is  Project Amigo. Your squares will be sewn into afghans and distributed to poor families of students in Mexico. Project Amigo is a charity that supports students from Colima in rural western Mexico so that they can create their own educational opportunities and better their quality of life. The website is Questions??? Email Sam Brown at Project coordinator: Samuel R Brown Ph.D., Project Amigo Volunteer, 219 Argyle Rd., Cheshire, CT

If you have “embryonic” 12 inch squares, i.e. squares that are less than 12 inches that you don’t have time to finish you may give those to me for Yarn Angels of South Bay. They support numerous charities including ones for veterans.      


Please Tell Us What You Donate!


There are many ways of reporting your charity donations: 

The Charity Donations thread on the Sliptstitchers’ Ravelry group; the donations sheet at the meeting; Email When I record your donations from the Ravelry group I will acknowledge it. So if I don’t acknowledge it you know it has not been recorded.  I just check this site once a month usually 1-2 days before our meeting. It helps if you start your entry with “Charity Donation” so it will get my attention.

Local Knitting Guilds that are members of The Knitting Guild Association are encouraged to make and donate items to charity. Cathy McFarlane, Charity Committee Co-chairperson, records our contributions and keeps a running list for the year. At each meeting she reports what has been donated since the previous meeting.

You can see a list of the the charities that we support here.

In 2017, 1501 items were given to charity by our members 

In 2016, 1405 items were given to charity 

In 2015, 2215 items were given to 36 charities.

In 2014, 1155 items were given to 33 charities.

In 2013, 929 items were donated to 21 charities.

Our generous members have been donating for many years. In the years before 2013, the guild has donated around 1000 items or more each year (the guild had only about half as many members as we have today!) 

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