ESSS Charity Report April 2022

Since our last report I have not received notification of any contributions to charity.

Our YTD total remains at 66


Leo's contribution is sorely missed and yours is missed too.  Make whatever brings you joy and we will find a home for it.

I have scarf kits from Especially Handmade under the table on my porch. Just help yourself and bring back your finished item. Please follow the instructions which are using size 17 needles cast on 10 stitches and knit until you run out of yarn.  Attach tag, add your fist name and place your finished scarf and the instructions, so they can be re used in the zip lock bag provided. Do not get creative with this yarn, just follow the instructions.


Yarn Angels South Bay had a great donation night last Monday. The beautiful items you contributed were counted in previous months. They will be having their next donation night in August. So knit or crochet baby items, afghans etc. 

Happy Knitting!

If you would like more information about Charity donations, Cathy has put together an information sheet, click here to download it.

Thank you to you the members for donating such high quality items – well made, nicely finished, laundered if needed and just ready to use. A credit to the guild.   

Please remember to post your items for charity on the Ravelry thread or notify me by email.

12 inch squares

If you have squares, preferably 12 inch but any size will do you may give those to me for Yarn Angels of South Bay. They support numerous charities including ones for veterans.     

See the Gallery page (click here) for some charity project photos

Cathy has shared some lovely "Thank You" emails we received from Casa De Los Angelitos (click here to read it) and Handmade Especially For You (click here).

Click here to see a thank you note we received from Interval House and here and here to see two views of a wonderful card received from the Sisters at Mary Crest Manor

Our Charity Reps

Most of our members send their donations directly to the charity of their choice. However, we collect for a few charities at our monthly meetings. Each of these charities has their very own member representative (see below for a chart of who collects for which charities) who kindly delivers our beautiful creations to the charity concerned whether I am here or not.  A special thank you to these hardworking members. We really appreciate all they do to make sure our donations arrive safely. See table below for list of reps and the charity they are delivering to. 



Click here for a list of the charities we support. If you have been contributing to a charity that is not listed, let us know so we can add it.  Even if you feel your charity or your contribution is small and insignificant it may be an inspiration to others. “Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”

Please Tell Us What You Donate!


There are many ways of reporting your charity donations: 

The Charity Donations thread on the Sliptstitchers’ Ravelry group; the donations sheet at the meeting; Email When I record your donations from the Ravelry group I will acknowledge it. So if I don’t acknowledge it you know it has not been recorded.  I just check this site once a month usually 1-2 days before our meeting. It helps if you start your entry with “Charity Donation” so it will get my attention.

ESSS Charity.PNG

In 2021, still in the midst of a pandemic that kept us from meeting in person, 961 items were given to various charities by our members (so there could be more items that just didn't get delivered)

In 2020, 1498 items were given to various charities by our members

(remember this is a year when we were unable to meet in person to give our donations to our wonderful charity reps to pass onto the charities, so while it is down a bit from previous years it is still quite an accomplishment!)

In 2019, 2195 items were given to various charities by our members 

In 2018, 1793 items were given to various charities by our members 

In 2017, 1501 items were given to charity by our members 

In 2016, 1405 items were given to charity 

In 2015, 2215 items were given to 36 charities.

In 2014, 1155 items were given to 33 charities.

In 2013, 929 items were donated to 21 charities.

Our generous members have been donating for many years. In the years before 2013, the guild has donated around 1000 items or more each year (the guild had only about half as many members as we have today!) 

Local Knitting Guilds that are members of The Knitting Guild Association are encouraged to make and donate items to charity. Cathy McFarlane, Charity Committee Co-chairperson, records our contributions and keeps a running list for the year. At each meeting she reports what has been donated since the previous meeting.

You can see a list of the the charities that we support here.