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You Call That Stretchy?

A Comparison of Different Cast-ons

by Gillian B.

Saturday, September 16, 2023


10:00 noon to 1:00 pm

Joslyn Center

Recreation Park, El Segundo

339 Sheldon St.

El Segundo 90245


September Program Information (by Tonya B., ESSS Vice President)

Even though I missed our first Yarn Tasting at the August meeting, I've heard feedback that we should do this again! Many yarns of various types were shared and folks enjoyed experimenting with each one. From Stunning Strings yarns to plastic fishing wire to paper, everyone had fun knitting/crocheting the yarns. It's not often we have this opportunity to explore different yarn types for free! Thank you Catherine K for pulling this program together for us! I am hoping to attend our next one!


Our September program will be provided by Gillian B. Be sure to hang around for "You Call That Stretchy? A Comparison of Different Cast-Ons" program. Just how stretchy is stretchy? We're going to take a look at many different cast-ons from the familiar to the somewhat obscure. We'll measure lots of swatches and find out just which cast-ons are stretchiest; you’ll have to be there to find out which one wins! And with a bit of luck, you'll realize you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. There will be discussion of each cast-on with several tips and tricks thrown in, and demonstrations of the German Twisted Long Tail Cast-On, plus a few others. Gill is a left-handed mirror knitter, so if the right-handers want a right-handed demonstration, someone will have to step up and cast-on along with her. Bring some needles and yarn if you want to play along with the demonstration. No, you won’t have to make any swatches - they are breeding in Gill’s knitting basket as this goes to press. After the presentation, you’ll be able to look at all the swatches up close to see what kind of edge they make and just how stretchy they are. Finally, the handout is going to be awesome! 

 2023 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 21- Brainstorming Programs for 2023

  • February 18 - Joins, Kim B.

  • March 18 -Knitting in the Round, Joan W.

  • April 15 - A Short Walk Through Short Rows, Mary Beth

  • May 21 -  Intarsia, Mary Beth K.​​

    • note the date change--this is Sunday of our regular meeting weekend 

  • June 17 - Demystifying Top Down "Yoke" Sweaters, Tonya B.

  • July 15 - 32nd Birthday Celebration     

  • August 19 - Yarn Tasting, Catherine 

  • September 16 -Stretchy Cast Ons, Gillian B.

  • October 21 -Small Gifts, Charlene K. and Kim B.

  • November 18 - Making Your Own Stitch Counter, Laura S.

  • December 16 - Holiday Celebration

 2022 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 15 - Let's Brainstorm Programs

  • February 19 - Organizing Your Tools and
    Notions--Peggy A.

  • March 19 - Overview of Tunisian Crochet--June L. and Laura S.

  • April 16 - A Few of My Favorite Things--Everyone

  • May 21 - Tips for Traveling with Your Stitching

  • June 18 - Quick Holiday Gifts--Joan W. and
    Charlene K. (with collaboration from ESSS members)

  • July 16 - 31st Birthday Celebration     

  • August 20 - Thumb gussets--Annalisa C. 

  • September 17 - Knitting Neat Edges As You Go--Tonya B.

  • October 15 - Broomstick Lace--Cathy M. and
    Elaine B.

  • November 19 - Tea for Two...or Twelve--Joan W.

  • December 17 - Holiday Celebration

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