Broomstick Lace


Cathy M. and Elaine B.

Saturday, October 15, 2022


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Joslyn Center

Recreation Park, El Segundo

339 Sheldon St.

El Segundo 90245


Our October Program is

Broomstick Lace: How to Do It and What you Can Make 

presented by Elaine Bauer and Cathy McFarlane


In honor of the bewitching month of October, broomstick lace will be the topic of our program.

There will be a hands-on presentation including basic instructions, additional alternative stitches, samples of how broomstick lace may be used, and an easy pattern for an infinity scarf.

There is no pre-work.

Bring 3 items with you:

  1. A crochet hook, not too big and not too small. F or G would be good.

  2. A broomstick needle – this can be a knitting needle size 35 (19 mm) or 50 (25 mm), a piece of actual broomstick, a piece of PVC pipe, or even just a flat ruler. Anything that has a diameter of about 1 inch, that you can wrap your yarn around. No specific length.

  3. Yarn of worsted weight for your practice swatch. If planning to make the scarf pattern, a variegated, lighter weight yarn would look nice. The sample was made with “Unforgettable” by RedHeart. Depending upon the length, you will only need about 50-75 grams.

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