It's Birthday Time

Saturday, July 16, 2022


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Joslyn Center

Recreation Park, El Segundo

339 Sheldon St.

El Segundo 90245


Thanks to Charlene for last month's program on Holiday Gifts.  

This month we have Charlene K leading our program on Holiday Gifts! Are you looking for quick and easy projects for holiday gifts that aren't a hat or scarf? Then the June program is for you! If you have a knit or crochet pattern you'd like to share, bring a finished sample of the item and info about where to get the pattern online (free is always welcome!). This will be a fun way to share at our first in-person meeting!  

 2022 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 15- Let's Brainstorm Programs

  • February 19- Organizing Your Tools and
    Notions--Peggy A.

  • March 19 - Overview of Tunisian Crochet--June L. and Laura S.

  • April 16 -A Few of My Favorite Things--Everyone

  • May 21 -Tips for Traveling with Your Stitching

  • June 18 - Quick Holiday Gifts--Joan W. and
    Charlene K. (with collaboration from ESSS members)

  • July 16 - 31st Birthday Celebration     

  • August 20 - Hats, Hats, Hats--tbd

  • September 17 - Thumb gussets--Annalisa C.

  • October 15 - Broomstick Lace--Cathy M. and
    Elaine B.

  • November 19 - TBD

  • December 17 -Holiday Celebration

 2021 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 16- Share Your Interests with Us

  • February 20- Knitting Decreases--So Many Choices--Joan W.

  • March 20 - Crochet Corner to Corner--Not Just Blankets--Cathy M.

  • April 17 -Crochet: Corner to Corner Intarsia--Laura S.

  • May 15 - Shawl Shapes-Lenora S.

  • June 19 - You've made a swatch, now what--A discussion facilitated by Tonya B.

  • July 17 - Virtual 30th Birthday Party     

  • August 21 - Fiber Tales

  • September 18 - Knitting: Exploring Mosaic Technique--Joan W.

  • October 16 - How good is good enough?  A finished project is better than Perfect! A discussion facilitated by Tonya B.

  • November 20 - Choose Your Right Side:  Reversible Stitches (Joan W and Monika R)

  • December 18 -Slipped Stitches-Mosaic #2 (Joan W and Monika R)