Thumb Gussets


Annalisa C.

Saturday, August 20, 2022


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Joslyn Center

Recreation Park, El Segundo

339 Sheldon St.

El Segundo 90245


 Our August Program is An Exploration into Avoiding Holes in Thumb Gussets by Annalisa C.

 We had a wonderful indoor picnic lunch last month, with everyone bringing their own personal food and sitting around eating together! I think a great workaround for our non-allowed potluck. Birthday cupcakes were provided by the Board, yum yum!

This month we have Annalisa C stepping up to the plate to provide us with her investigation/research into thumb gussets. She has graciously moved her topic up a month from September to August; thank you Annalisa! She has done research into this topic and has much to share with everyone. Her adventures included looking into many patterns, knitting up many samples, and drawing some conclusions. You'll have to attend the program to find out the results of her studies! Exciting information to share with you at our August Guild meeting. Hope you will join us!

 2022 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 15- Let's Brainstorm Programs

  • February 19- Organizing Your Tools and
    Notions--Peggy A.

  • March 19 - Overview of Tunisian Crochet--June L. and Laura S.

  • April 16 -A Few of My Favorite Things--Everyone

  • May 21 -Tips for Traveling with Your Stitching

  • June 18 - Quick Holiday Gifts--Joan W. and
    Charlene K. (with collaboration from ESSS members)

  • July 16 - 31st Birthday Celebration     

  • August 20 - Thumb gussets--Annalisa C. 

  • September 17 - TBD (Tonya is taking suggestions)

  • October 15 - Broomstick Lace--Cathy M. and
    Elaine B.

  • November 19 - TBD

  • December 17 -Holiday Celebration

 2021 Programs:
(subject to change)

(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 16- Share Your Interests with Us

  • February 20- Knitting Decreases--So Many Choices--Joan W.

  • March 20 - Crochet Corner to Corner--Not Just Blankets--Cathy M.

  • April 17 -Crochet: Corner to Corner Intarsia--Laura S.

  • May 15 - Shawl Shapes-Lenora S.

  • June 19 - You've made a swatch, now what--A discussion facilitated by Tonya B.

  • July 17 - Virtual 30th Birthday Party     

  • August 21 - Fiber Tales

  • September 18 - Knitting: Exploring Mosaic Technique--Joan W.

  • October 16 - How good is good enough?  A finished project is better than Perfect! A discussion facilitated by Tonya B.

  • November 20 - Choose Your Right Side:  Reversible Stitches (Joan W and Monika R)

  • December 18 -Slipped Stitches-Mosaic #2 (Joan W and Monika R)