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Assistance with Fusion Knitting

by Joan W.

Saturday, June 15, 2024


10:00 noon to 1:00 pm

Joslyn Center

Recreation Park, El Segundo

339 Sheldon St.

El Segundo 90245


June Program-from Tonya B., Vice President

At our May program we learned how to needle felt! Sylvia demo’d and explained how to do this interesting/fun technique and we made gnomes. A wonderful technique for making many new gifts and embellishments. Thank you Sylvia!

Our June program “Assistance with Fusion Knitting” is provided to us by Joan W. Fusion Knitting is defined by Mary W. Martin as: “a reversible colorwork technique where slipped stitches are placed on both sides of the fabric to create design elements. The design on one side of the fabric is mirrored on the back – in other words, the designs from each side are fused together.”

The lesson is going to assist those who have her Follow the Flow pattern. Because Joan will use a pattern of her own design, you can participate in the lesson even if you don’t have the original pattern. is a wonderful resource for this lesson.

Materials needed:

  • 2 circular needles (they don’t have to match)

  • 2 colors of the same yarn (will be referred to as “dark and light” about 10 yards of each color should be enough)

  • Cable needle


  1. With dark yarn Cast On 16 stitches and join in the round, being careful not to twist.

  2. Put 10 stitches on Needle 1 and 6 stitches on Needle 2.

    1. Needle 1 is where we will be doing the pattern.

    2. Needle 2 gets the yarn to where it needs to be for the next round.

  3. Purl one round.

  4. Knit 4, pm, knit 2, pm, knit 4. Knit across Needle 2.

  5. Put a marker on “Side 1” so that you can always tell where you are.

  6. Setup Round 1: With Dark yarn Purl 3, Ktbl 1, sm, Purl 2, sm, ktbl 1, Purl 3.  Purl 6 on Needle 2.


Catch you all at the meeting to try this out!

 2024 Programs:

(subject to change)

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  • February 17 -Trendsetters Yarn field trip

  • March 16 -Seaming/Joining Blocks, Joan W., Laura S. and Peggy A.

  • April 20 - Double Knitting, Mary Beth K.

  • May 18 -  Needle Felting, Sylvia ​G.

  • June 15 - Fusion Knitting, Joan W.

  • July 20 - 33rd Birthday Celebration     

  • August 17 - Yarn and Needle Tasting, Catherine K.

  • September 21 - Baby Surprise Jacket Customization, Gillian B.

  • October 19 - Knitted Cables, Mary Beth K.

  • November 16 - Tunisian Crochet, Peggy A.

  • December 21 - Holiday Celebration


 2023 Programs:

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  • February 18 - Joins, Kim B.

  • March 18 -Knitting in the Round, Joan W.

  • April 15 - A Short Walk Through Short Rows, Mary Beth

  • May 21 -  Intarsia, Mary Beth K.​

  • June 17 - Demystifying Top Down "Yoke" Sweaters, Tonya B.

  • July 15 - 32nd Birthday Celebration     

  • August 19 - Yarn Tasting, Catherine 

  • September 16 -Stretchy Cast Ons, Gillian B.

  • October 21 -Quick and Easy Projects, Charlene K.

  • November 18 - Beaded Row/Stitch Counters, Laura S.

  • December 16 - Holiday Celebration

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