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Volunteers needed to teach programs.


A request from Lenora (VP/Programs):

I would like to request everyone in the group considers
volunteering to teach next year. Remember not knowing a topic is no excuse, use the program as a way to expand your knowledge and learn a new skill or technique, then present your new skill to the rest of the group. I have programs set for the first five months with teachers so you all have time to learn a new skill and teach the program!!

Remember, the program section of our meeting is aimed at learning. This can be applied not only to the students but also for those instructing.

 2019 Programs:
(for program notes where available, click here)

  • January 19- "The Shape of Things to Come" with special guest Barry Klein

  • February 16- WIP workshop

  • March 16- Heirlooms and Legacy--the yarn that binds

  • April 20- Toools!

  • May 18- Self Care

  • June 15- Corner to Corner Crochet

  • July 20- Birthday Celebration Potluck        

  • August 17- Tales of Yarn--Edie Eckman

  • September 21- Christmas is Coming

  • October 19- Broomstick Lace

  • SUNDAY November 10 -- I-Cord Beaded Necklace

  • December 21- Holiday Party

2021 Executive Board Nominating

By: Sarah Stewart Soileau

It’s that time of year for us as a Guild to select a new Executive Board for the coming calendar year at the December business meeting, whether by vote or approval of a slate.  Per the information given at the October meeting, the current Vice President and Recording Secretary are both stepping down at the end of the year leaving these two positions vacant.  That’s not to say you can’t throw your hat in the ring for one of the other Board positions.  Our Guild welcomes new ideas and encourages all Members to volunteer.

The Executive Board consists of the following positions for which all members in good standing are eligible to run: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Chair, and Recording Secretary.

If you have an interest in running for a position on the Executive Board for 2021, please let me know.  Please refer to the Standing Rules and Bylaws available in the Members section of our website for specifics on each position and I can answer any questions you may have.  My contact information is listed on the membership roster available on our website or you may use the “contact us” link on the website and your message will be forwarded to me.

 We must have a quorum of the Membership at the December meeting in order to vote on a ballot or approve a slate, as necessary.  We will also provide voting by email and details will be forthcoming, but I encourage all Members to join us online in December and vote for/ approve the 2021 Executive Board live via Zoom.

 2017  Programs:
(program notes are available for underlined programs)

  • January 21- Program planning

  • February 18- Help with UFO/WIPs

  • March 18- Pattern Proficiency--Beth Whiteside Workshop

  • April 15- Entrelac (for KAL)

  • May 20- Freeform Knitting and Freeform Crochet

  • June 17- Finishing

  • July 15- Birthday Celebration Potluck                          and Fire Sale

  • August 19- Field Trip to Trendsetters

  • September 16- Sivia Harding Workshop

  • October 21- Unraveling Ravelry (Presentation and Handout)

  • November 18- Yarn Dyeing

  • December 16- Holiday Party


Slipped Stitches:

Mosaic #2


Joan W. and Monika R.

Saturday, December 18, 2021


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

In the comfort of your own home via Zoom

Details for logging in

are on the Members Only page

Click here (you will be prompted to log in, if you do not already have an account for our guild website, please go to the Members tab above for the link to instructions for setting yours up)

Little Hats, Big Hearts program termination

Here is the information we received about the termination of the Little Hats, Big Hearts program (the "red hats" for the Heart Association). This is from an email received by Cathy M from Marissa Fortuno from the American Heart Association: 

Thank you for being an integral part of the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts™ program. For many years, we have been blessed to work with volunteers like you around the country to help babies and moms celebrate American Heart Month in a special way.

I am emailing to inform you that in unison with the safety concerns of physicians and parents, the American Heart Association is ending the Little Hats, Big Hearts™ program, and will no longer be accepting hats. There is a substantial increase in the concern that babies who wear hats indoors have an elevated risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to the possibility of overheating. The hats that we currently have will be distributed for the last time to Los Angeles hospitals in February 2020 

Though we will no longer be accepting or distributing hats, we value your skills and talents and invite you to continue to create red, hand-crafted baby booties and hand mittens. We will also be collecting knitted hearts to be gifted to members of our heart family such as heart survivors, donors, and those who fundraise for the AHA.

Here are a few sample websites with patterns of the new items we will be accepting:

We want to continue to share our mission of promoting the importance of heart-healthy lives for everyone and appreciate your support by knitting these new items. Thank you and happy holidays!

KAL-CAL  May-August 2020

Well, our May deadline for the KAL/CAL has come and gone. We can keep working on our Citrons and Critrons, since there are so many creative ways to make them. They are so simple, and all that stockinette is perfect for TV watching. And of course, we have our year-long Afghan-a-Long going, too.

Lately, I’ve seen SO many wonderful Pandemic KALs and CALs on Ravelry, that I started a thread for sharing them. If you have a fun KAL you’re in, that you want to share with us, or if you’re looking for one to join, check out the Pandemic KAL/CAL thread. Casapinka has another KAL coming up, and if you buy two skeins of yarn from a participating indie dyer, or your local yarn shop, you will get a code to get her Hug Shot shawl pattern for free! Information is on our Rav group thread.

I’ve tentatively scheduled the Pandemic KAL/CAL sharing from May to August, but who knows when we will be meeting IRL again. We can keep both of these threads open indefinitely!

Keep Calm and Crochet (and Knit) On!


KAL-CAL  February-May 2020

Back to a classic...

Join us to knit a Citron shawl or crochet a Critrion shawl for our February to May KAL/CAL


The patterns are Citron, by Hilary Smith Callis, and the crochet version, Critron, by Martha Simonsen. Both patterns are free (click on the name of the pattern to find it on Ravelry).

Citron, is a semi-circular shawl, that builds out, using pi increasing. The alternating sections of flat stockinette, with ruched sections, gives the shawl an interesting texture! You can stop after any ruched section, and you get a wonderful slightly ruffled edge. The pattern page has a link to instructions for making a larger Citron Grand, but I think you can just follow the pi increasing and do it yourself…

Citron shawl.jpg

The Crocheted, Critron, looks remarkably like the Citron it was modeled after!

Critron shawl.jpg
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