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ESSS meetings and activities:

Augustt 9 -12:30 pm-3:30 pm virtual Sit 'n Knit (this, of course, is our regular time for Sit 'n Knit so even if you aren't able to join the ongoing social knitting on Zoom we hope you will join us for the regular Sit 'n Knit time). Click here for more information

August 15 - 10:00 am-1:00 pm - Virtual ESSS General Meeting 

Daily Social Knitting - Details here (must log in to see)

Other upcoming events of interest:

August 13-16, 2020 - Virtual Vogue Knitting Live

Please see the note below about the dates for the various Stitches events listed

September 3-6, 2020 - Stitches MidWest CANCELLED

November 5-8, 2020 - Stitches SoCal

February 18-21, 2021 - Stitches West

NOTE:  Click here to read the letter from Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX about the cancellation of Stitches MidWest

Be sure to check out the great list of events at Knitter's Review:

Knitting and Fiber Events

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Volunteers needed to teach programs.


A request from Lenora (VP/Programs):

I would like to request everyone in the group considers
volunteering to teach next year. Remember not knowing a topic is no excuse, use the program as a way to expand your knowledge and learn a new skill or technique, then present your new skill to the rest of the group. I have programs set for the first five months with teachers so you all have time to learn a new skill and teach the program!!

Remember, the program section of our meeting is aimed at learning. This can be applied not only to the students but also for those instructing.


One (or more) Roll Challenge

Due at the August meeting!


Let’s have some fun!  We will have a One (or more) Roll Challenge! Let’s knit or crochet a decorative cover for a roll of toilet paper. I’m not talking about your granny’s toilet roll cover. Oh no. I’m talking updated, imaginative, amazingly brilliant TP covers.

Like our 2 ball challenges in the past we are going to have some fun with this!  For all the details, click here.

A short message from President Sarah W.

Since we are no longer able to meet in person be sure to take advantage of our daily virtual social knitting (details here) and use the Ravelry group to communicate.  Along with the KAL/CAL and other threads we already had on our group we have added a Shelter in Place Show and Share thread. Add a picture on your project page and you won’t have to pay to post images directly to the thread if you don’t want to.  There is also a chat feed if you want to ask questions or just connect with your fellow guild members. 

Well another month of staying home has passed and unfortunately, we are seeing quite a few states experiencing surges of the virus which means that where we hoped life would start returning to normal it may mean that we will get pushed further into lockdown.  So glad that we can use technology so that we can at least "see" each other and have some social interaction even if we can't meet in person.  About a third of you responded to our check in email blast at the end of May. I would like to thank you for doing that, it’s good to hear from those of you who aren't able to join us for social knitting on Zoom.  We are glad to hear you are surviving and staying safe.  It would be good to hear from the rest of you just so we know you are all ok.

We hope you can attend the meeting on July 18th via zoom. It has really been nice to connect with the members who have joined us for meetings or social knitting and we look forward to seeing more of you for the meeting. We need to have a quorum to do any actual business at our meetings, so try to attend if possible in case there is something to discuss and vote on. Joan W. gave a program on Helix Knitting for us in June which went very well, so we are planning to continue having programs.

I know everyone is knitting hard, so please remember to support our local yarns stores wherever possible. Due to CDC requirements they may not be able to welcome us back to hang out or browse as much as we would like But are willing to send us supplies to help our mental health.

As in previous weeks the Zoom session is open everyday (see hours below) for you to come catch up, show off what you are doing, get help and de-stress. All we ask is that you wear clothes of some description; but hairdo’s, makeup and house mess don’t matter, we will just be happy to see you.

"Zoom Room" hours for social knitting

Monday-Thursday  6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Friday                       2:00 pm -10:00 pm

          (Happy Hour starts at 4 pm on Fridays)

Saturday-Sunday     9:00 am-10:00 pm

Some suggestions from Sarah S. on :

Staying Sane--Ways to Stay Connected



By now, most of us are feeling the strain of being stuck at home with only a quick trip to the grocery
store once a week. We all know a fortunate few that have been able to continue working either
remotely or on-site as an essential worker. For the rest of us, we find ourselves both out of work
and without our normal social interaction we rely on to maintain our sanity. Fortunately we have
access to a myriad of online social media platforms to help us stay connected with the world outside
our own four walls. I wanted to remind everyone of some of the opportunities that are available.
Keep in mind this list is in no way exhaustive and they are not necessarily all available for free.
• Ravelry – Search for new groups to join that might have discussion threads on non-yarn topics. I’m a member of a crochet & bread baking group. Just be sure to keep your posts thread appropriate.
• Local Yarn Shops – Many local shops have adopted the Zoom platform to host their regular sit & knits. In some cases they may try to accommodate a portion of their planned class schedule on a modified basis.
• Local Yarn Shops, Part 2 – Many shops have continued to offer online shopping or phone ordering for curbside pick-up. In limited cases, you may be able to speak more in depth with an employee or shop in-store with proper PPE and social distancing, depending on where you live.
• Teachers/Designers – Many teachers, whether full-scale platforms such as Craftsy or individual teachers such as Edie Eckman, have increased their library of online classes and/or offered discounts on certain classes. In some cases, they will send out a discount code in their email newsletter. Designers have been offering their newest patterns free for a very limited time after publishing.
• ESSS Guild – By now I hope everyone has taken the opportunity to log into the ESSS Guild Zoom Chat. Sarah W opens it every day at 8:00am Pacific Time and it remains open until 10:00pm Pacific Time. It is open to all currently active members of the Guild. Some times are more popular than others, but this is a good place to get help on a project, catch up on the ever changing rumors for conventions such as Stitches, get ideas for dinner this week, or just chat about how you’re feeling.

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