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One (or more) Roll Challenge 

presented by

Lenora F-S., Vice President


Confession time.  I am proud of my hoard of toilet paper.  I’ve amassed enough to last until Christmas.  No matter how I arrange the stuff, it is still just plain boring TP.  So, I sat and thought and thought.  And then it happened.  A brilliant idea!

Let’s have a One (or more) Roll Challenge!  Let’s knit or crochet a decorative cover for a roll of toilet paper.  I’m not talking about your granny’s toilet roll cover.  Oh no.  I’m talking updated, imaginative, amazingly brilliant TP covers. 

In the past we have held two-ball challenges.  This challenge is slightly different because it is a one roll challenge.  Just follow the guidelines below and be prepared to show your creation at our August meeting.

One Roll Challenge Guidelines

·      Make a decorative cover for a fresh roll of toilet paper

·      Multiple rolls may be used as long as all the rolls are covered

·      Keep your toilet roll cover design under wraps

·      Project due at the August meeting  (August 15, 2020)

·      Knit, crochet and/or Tunisian crochet are acceptable

·      Use stash yarn or purchase new

·      Design must be suitable for all audiences:  nothing political, naughty or offensive

·      Embellishments may be added (non-yarn part cannot cover more than 25% of the finished project)

·      Remember to leave an open area in case you need to access the roll(s)

·      Be creative

·      Have fun!

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